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Dangerous love affair (2003)

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Dangerous love affair (2003) Download / Watch Online Streaming Japanese Drama Adult Erotic Hot 18+ Movie Full HD Film Dangerous love affair 2003 HDRip J-Movie (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Takeda and Maegawa welcomed guests coming from Korea for business reasons. The Korean guests who appeared in front of them are a beautiful woman named Zhao and Yu-myeong. Especially, Takeda, who is against the fine beauty of the spirits, is married but eventually drinks with her
I go to her room and have a hot affair.
I try to sort out my mind as a moment of wandering, but her affection is more intense than I thought, Joe, who knows about the spirits, encourages his anxiety, saying that a man who loves her becomes unhappy. Takeda feared that her injustice would be burdened by frequent contact, but her charm was fatal, After all, I have a hot relationship with her again. Takeda, who had been hiding for a while because of Joe who came into the room right afterward, sweeps away surprised chest and ears, Later, I heard that Maega was stabbed by a knife. Maegawa also found a room in the myeongryeon, but after a while in the shower, it was attacked by a monster. The truth of the criminal is not revealed, and Takeda suspects the spirits. And suddenly I feel horrified at the behavior of the spirits who found the house, In fact, I love her, but she refused to let go of the men she loves. Takeda, who realized the truth, quickly rushed home to stop a couple trying to rape his wife, In the end, Mishnu and Takeda part for each other’s happiness.


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